• What We've Done

    During the month of October we focused on Harvest.

    We learned that there are numerous fruits and vegetables that are harvest throughout this time of year. Examples: Apples, corn, squash, grapes, and everyones favorites at this time of year… PUMPKINS!

    We read a couple of different books on harvest during this time and the kids should be able to share with you something they learned.

    We also had a couplespecial guests who came down and worked on grinding wheat with the kids. Maryann Enyart and Paulette Burns Lefever Holbrook. joined us for an afternoon. The kids were given the opportunity to grind their own wheat and also cook their own waffles completely out of scratch! It was a fantastic fun filled afternoon for everyone!

    Judy Shinn has been spending time with our bunch on Wednesday afternoons for about 30 minutes practicing yoga.

    To finish off October we will be celebrating the German celebration of Oktoberfest with bratwurst and root beer, the kids will even get the chance to make their

    own root beer!

    Watch our site for pictures we will be posting in the next week. Thanks for letting your kids come play with us after school!