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Wishram ASB recognizes Veterans




Dear Veterans of the United States,

     It’s always a challenge to decide where to start when giving this annual speech. There is so much that I want to praise each and every one of you for, in such a little amount of time. Every individual who is a citizen of this great nation is, and will always be, forever in your debt for the things you have done and sacrificed in order to earn even the simplest of pleasures for your friends, families, and loved ones.

     Without your courage to do what few others would act on, the safety and comfort of citizen homes would likely not be ours to enjoy. Without your bravery in the face of things no ordinary citizen could begin to even imagine, you have given said citizens freedoms often not found elsewhere. Without your integrity and righteousness, and perseverance through the tough, rough, and unspeakable, many of us would not be here today, to give you the praise that you greatly deserve.

     I pray that every veteran out there -- whether you see this or not -- receives the praise and glory that they immensely deserve, not only on this day, but every day. Citizens: give thanks to each and every veteran you know. Honor them with kind deeds whenever you can, even the littlest of ones. Shake a veteran’s hand or give a hug. Never forget what they have done for us; for our safety, our rights, and even our basic freedoms. And to all veterans out there, god bless you, god bless what you have done for us, and thank you sincerely for your service.   

Chance Bernier




     A veteran, to me, is any man or woman who has served under the United States Military. Serving in the military is an honorable venture, one that deserves to be respected. This is why we pay our tribute to these brave people on Veterans’ Day. War has an effect on all that it surrounds and the sacrifices made can have long-lasting effects on the people. That’s why I’m so thankful for all the things veterans have made possible for not only me but for generations to come. 

     The bravery and perseverance these individuals show is baffling. I have no idea how one person can love their country so much that they would lay down their life for it.  These brave men and women deserve so much more recognition they then get. I see veterans who have come back to America with nothing and are now living on the streets. I don’t know how any country that has its people fight for it can let something like that happen. I believe that the government should help these people get back on their feet. The psychological and physical toll that warfare has on a person can be very difficult to manage. Many veterans need help but don’t receive it. “In its 2017 Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress, The U.S.  Department of Housing and Urban Development reported that just over 40,000 Veterans were experiencing homelessness”  according to the office of research and development for the U.S Department of Veteran Affairs. Their goal is to end homelessness among veterans, learn more about their cause at

     I never feel more proud to be an American than when I'm standing next to one of the heroes of our country. When I think about what these men and women have sacrificed for me I'm filled with gratitude for all the pleasures I have. I’ve been thinking about how I could convey my appreciation and nothing seems to fit. So all I can say to the people who fought so I could live is, thank you. 

Bridgitte Trenary




 What it means to be a Veteran

     What it means to be a veteran is to feel the duty to protect our country and to fight for what you believe in. It means to love your country enough to sacrifice your life if necessary. It means to have faith in God, your country, and your beliefs.


     What it means to be a veteran is to risk your life to help others heal when they could not do it on their own. It means to be appreciated by the people you have fought for and protected. It means to have honor in everything you do and say.


      What it means to be a veteran is to take pride in your service to our country. It means to be proud you stood for something.

 Cruz Montoya

Vice President



What Veterans Day Means To Me


     To me, Veterans Day is a day on which we honor, celebrate, and thank those who have served this great country. While thanking veterans for their service should not just be limited to one day, however, it should be the focus of this day. Veterans Day is not just a day off to me, it is a day where I like to go out and thank veterans for their service.

Zac Cooper