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Wishram ASB recognizes Veterans 2021

Dear Grandpa,

I know you're long dead in the past but sometimes I wonder what stories you would have told me if I had been old enough to remember. I wonder what it must have been like when you were young. What did you think of the war? Did you long to see the battlefield or did you dread waking up every morning? Did you even understand why it was happening or who you were fighting? Sometimes I think about these things when Veterans Day approaches. What would it have been like if I grew up alongside you and had seen the things you saw? I know that as a woman I would have never been able to join you on the front lines and I wonder would I even have wanted to. I only have faint memories of you laying in bed in a small RV in our backyard. My mother would go out every day to change your diaper and spend time with you. I remember being so scared of going out to see you because you would yell nonsense at me. I'm sure that it was a combination of your old age and a lifetime of scars. I was 4 years old when you passed away but at that point, I didn't understand what was going on. I didn't understand why my dad had changed and why the air was always thick with sadness. I think I understand it more now that I am older. I just want to thank you for everything you did for not only our family but for our country. I can never imagine what it may have been like for you or what you experienced in your life but I know it must have been beautifully tragic. The sacrifices you and the men alongside you made can never be matched. I hope to honor your sacrifice every year on this day and to thank you for what you have done.

Sincerely, Bridgitte





                             Veterans Day


Courage, integrity, and perseverance are rare traits that deserve tremendous praise and recognition. Our veterans have these traits and more, and we show our gratitude to them through Veterans Day.  Yet, even though Veterans Day is a tradition that has been around for several years, I feel that the gratitude for our Veterans has declined over time. I’d like to encourage everyone to thank as many veterans for their service this week as they can. Not only that but to show extra appreciation to our veterans every chance that we get.

Chance Bernier





What veterans day means to me 


Veterans day means a lot to me because my grandpa served in the war. It means a lot that I can take a day and think about him and what he’s done for me and my country. It also means that I can honor those who served my country in the past, present, and future.


Kaylee Woodman




 Veteran’s day is a day that I feel many underestimate as a holiday. While many celebrate veterans and thank them for their service that they gave, many do not comprehend the importance of it. When thanking a veteran, remember that it is not the same as wishing someone a Merry Christmas or a Happy Halloween. We are thanking Veterans because of the willingness to put themselves in a position that was a realm into the unknown for them. They did not know what life had in store for them, but they went nevertheless, maybe by choice, maybe not but regardless the choice was brave and they deserve our gratitude for that. All jobs are essential to the military, and despite what job was done, they should all be deemed as vital to the “whole”. I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to leave loved ones and go elsewhere, just that in itself is courageous and shows the true self of many veterans and who they are as people. A majority of veterans came out of the military as changed people, in all sorts of ways, it has never been an easy environment to subject oneself to alone so regardless of how they changed, or what their job was, or how long they were in, they deserve recognition and respect as our fellow veterans. I hope all Veterans know that they are supported and admired by many.

Thank you to all the veterans, and those who are currently active for your service.


Alaura M.