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ASB Commemorates Veterans Day 2022

Veteran’s Day

Veterans’ Day is about honoring the veterans of the United States of America. To do this, we are asked to give a short speech in commemoration of our veterans who have honorably served our nation. But it feels kinda lame; our veterans have done so much for this country and setting aside a few hours out of the year to honor them feels rather ungrateful, compared to what they really deserve. And as heartfelt as they may be, the words “thank you” lose their value really quickly. So I don’t believe in using my words to express gratitude; I choose to use my actions, and I choose to express it daily. We should all choose to wake up every day with gratitude on our minds, appreciation in our hearts, and kindness in our intentions, because we all know a veteran who deserves better, and we also don’t know when we’ll cross paths with someone who does. Veterans, I am sure that you will hear this a billion times today, but Thank you. But if your commemoration is cut short tomorrow or the next day, know that there are those out there who honor you not only on Veterans Day but every single day.


Chance Bernier, Secretary

What Veterans Day Means to Me

Veterans day is a day that we honor our veterans, not just the war veterans. I think we should honor everyone who has served. I think we should give more recognition to the people who were brave enough to sign up right after high school. It's crazy that people my age are going into the military because I still feel like a kid and there are kids like me joining the military. But, anyway, veterans day to me is a reminder that our freedom was not free, and that brave men and women gave their lives for the things that a lot of us take for granted. In America, we have freedom of speech, which allows us to say pretty much whatever is on our mind, we have freedom of religion so that we can believe whatever we want. In some countries, like Saudi Arabia or Pakistan, you aren't allowed to practice a certain religion, and if you do you can get life in prison or even the death penalty. I think that a lot of people in the U.S. take everything we have for granted and that we should all publicly commemorate the veterans that got us our freedoms.

Blake Kostrach-Vice President

What is Veterans Day?

What is veterans day to me? Veterans day is a small gesture that America does to celebrate and remember the ones who sacrificed it all for us. To celebrate and remember the brave ones who went to war to fight for us and our freedom. If it wasn't for Veterans, we wouldn't have the rights or freedom we have today. For example, we would not be able to dress how we want, talk and say whatever we want, or do what we want if it wasn't for the veteran's sacrifices. In other countries, they are much less fortunate than we are. They do not have the freedom and rights we have in our country. These are just a couple of the many reasons we should be thankful to our veterans and what they did for us.

Kayden Woodman-President