Mr. Roberts Corner

Posted by Jason Cooper on 12/9/2019


For giving, sharing, and counting our blessings here at Wishram.


From the Superintendent:


Hello everyone, and thank you for taking the time to read our monthly newsletter.

     We have many exciting things going on at Wishram School District #94, and it’s a pleasure to have this avenue to share these items with the greater Wishram community. We have some exciting grant funding news pertaining to our newly created CTE (Career and Technical Education) program. Also, we want to share some information regarding the continuation of our essential school levy coming up for vote in February, and last but certainly not least we want to talk about a wonderful opportunity that we were fortunate to be able to take advantage of through our generous community members responsible for bringing us a fantastic musical performance that was enjoyed equally by students and staff. There is never a dull moment at Wishram School, and it wouldn’t be possible without our community’s support!

     Our CTE teacher, Mr. Dave DeVoe, hit the ground running by filling out numerous grants in addition to the paperwork required to establish the pathways necessary to substantiate our programming, and was able to acquire over $20,000 for new equipment for our facility! This is going to make a tremendous difference in the type of programming that we are going to be able to provide to our students in the future. With students already in the process of making birdhouses, shelving, cutting boards and more, it’s exciting to imagine what else is going to be possible with the newly acquired funding. Great job, Mr. DeVoe!

     It’s hard to believe that it’s already time to begin discussing our levy again, but here we are, and your ballots will be in the mail for the February election. We have been extremely fortunate to utilize those additional funds to provide a full-time counselor for our students, as well as provide support to the CTE program, and offset some of the transportation costs for our activities. The levy that you will be voting on is unchanged from the levy that is already in place, so no additional cost to the taxpayer will be incurred should the levy be renewed. If you have questions about the levy, please don’t hesitate to contact the school directly. A community levy meeting will be scheduled for mid-to-late January, so please plan to attend.

     Patti Blagg and other generous supporters from our community donated funds to bring us a musical performance by a band titled “Birch and the Gin Joints”. This was a tremendous opportunity for our students and staff to get a taste of the arts, and enjoy music performed by an exceptional group of musicians. The music ranged from original compositions to classic hits. They provided the students with knowledge about the various instruments being played, as well as allowing them the opportunity to share their passion for music. Being a rural and remote school district, it isn’t too often that our students are able to participate in activities like this, so a big thank you needs to go out to Patti and the members of the pinochle club for making events like these possible!

     In closing, I again have to say how proud I am to serve as the superintendent of such a great school district. The work that we have the privilege of carrying out for our students, parents, and community is truly an honor, and being able to watch the daily progress being made throughout every facet of our district provides us with a sense of accomplishment that would be difficult to match elsewhere. In a recent legislative meeting, an elected official commented that “Wishram School District #94 is doing the most with the least, and they need to be commended for their efforts.” It’s a pleasure to come here each day and do the most for our students, parents, and community members. Thank you all, and the best is yet to come!


-Mike Roberts


Wishram School District #94