Mr. Roberts Corner

Posted by Jason Cooper on 1/15/2020

New Year, New Opportunities! 

2020 has lots of excitement in store for students, staff, and our Wishram School community.

From the Superintendent:

Hello everyone, and thank you for taking the time to read our monthly newsletter. This is a fabulous opportunity to hear about the great things going on at Wishram School District #94, and stay current on upcoming events. This submission is going to be based entirely upon our upcoming school levy initiative. In February of 2018, the community of Wishram approved the first school levy in recent memory. With the funds obtained from that initiative, we have been able to hire a full- time counselor, full-time CTE instructor, and have continued to support our athletic programming. These crucial funds help ensure that we can continue to provide a comprehensive educational experience for our students at Wishram.


With the social emotional needs of students reaching limits never before seen in public education, the hiring of a full-time school counselor was a blessing for our district. Since her hiring, Ms. Ashley Blodgett has provided many necessary services for our students. Ms. Ashley has taken on the role of testing coordinator for the PSAT/SAT/ASVAB assessments, and has worked tirelessly to prepare our students for those crucial examinations. She assists students in filling out the FAFSA, and applying for and enrolling within post secondary institutions, and as a result, our post secondary enrollment numbers have increased dramatically! She teaches our Seniors course, in which all 12th grade students learn essential skills like perseverance, career exploration, money management, and much more. The levy funds obtained by the generous taxpayers of the community of Wishram support her position, and the passage of our levy would help ensure that her position is retained for the foreseeable future.


This year, our secondary students have had the opportunity to participate in CTE (Career and Technical Education) programming for the first time in quite a few years. Wishram School District #94 had the pleasure of retaining the services of Mr. Dave DeVoe, who is a certificated CTE instructor with years of experience to come and share his expertise with our Wishram students. To date students have created birdhouses, cutting boards, shelving, and coffee tables (to name a few). He has also written several grants aimed at increasing our course offerings to include welding, plasma cutting, and small engines in the near future. With a renovation of our shop facility coming in the near future, our district is poised to provide essential programming in the trades that will help our students succeed on levels not possible before hiring Mr. DeVoe. This is another area that levy funds help support, and those resources are essential to the continued success of the CTE program. 

Athletic participation has long been a source of pride for Wishram School District. A recent study reported that over 80% of our secondary students participate in at least one sport, with over 60% participating in three sports. Athletics are a foundational component to providing a comprehensive K-12 experience to our students, and we believe that sports participation helps students obtain skills that are very difficult to develop otherwise. The funds approved by the Wishram community help support our transportation efforts to and from Lyle, and without those resources, we would be very limited in what we could provide to our student athletes.


While the three areas mentioned previously aren’t an exhaustive list of what our levy helps support, they are the most crucial for our districts continued success. With the ballots set to come out in early February, we just wanted to reach out and explain in detail what your support means to our school. As a brief reminder, the initiative on your ballot is asking that you approve or deny the same amount as our previous levy, meaning that your property taxes will receive no additional increase if the levy is passed, and this levy would be approved for the next four (4) school years. Thank you so much for all that you do for our students, staff, and greater community, none of our success could be possible without you. If you have questions please don’t hesitate to contact me directly. The best is yet to come!


- Mr. Mike Roberts


Wishram School District #94