Mr. Schumakers corner 9/18

Posted by Jason Cooper on 9/18/2023

“For every minute you are angry, you lose 60 seconds of happiness.” 

– Ralph Waldo Emerson.
ALL Staff - Thank you for attending the Character Strong training and getting our SEL Program up and running.
Tye and Crew - Thank you for helping our kids understand bus safety through education and practice.
KristenSheliaTye, and CREW - outstanding job last Thursday night. The atmosphere, festivities, and food were a big success.
Week in Review:
Monday- Field Trip: Fish Hatchery, REACH, JH VB @ Bickleton
Tuesday- Staff Meeting, REACH, HS VB @ Klickitat, JH FB @ Dufur
Wednesday-Seniors Graduation Orders, District Meeting, Student Staffing, REACH, JH VB vs. Klickitat
Thursday- REACH, HS VB vs. Horizon
Friday- REACH, HS FB @ St. Paul
Saturday- HS VB @ Ione
1. Cheyne and I will conduct safety/welfare checks on attendance concern students on Monday.
2. Josten is here taking Senior Orders on Wednesday.
3. I have some Class Syllabus I still need to collect. The deadline was Sept. 15th. Please submit those as soon as possible. Thanks:)
4. Teachers- I will need a curriculum/materials list of all items you use in your instructional practice within the classroom by September 22. The purpose of this is to establish a Curriculum Adoption Cycle for the district. (Title, Publisher, Copy Year Date, and the date you started using it in your classroom).
5. K-5 Field Trip on Monday to Fish Hatchery.
6. Keep up the good work. The work you do each day makes a meaningful impact. 
CEL to Ponder:
P4 Communication of learning target(s)

The teacher communicates the learning target(s) through verbal and visual strategies, checks for student understanding of the learning target(s), and references the target(s) throughout the instruction.
A Little Humor:
-"I only know 25 letters of the alphabet. I don't know y."

-"How does the moon cut his hair?" "Eclipse it."

-"What did one wall say to the other?" "I'll meet you at the corner."

-"What did the zero say to the eight?" "That belt looks good on you."

-Chuck Norris can dribble a bowling ball.
When a point is reflected across the line y = x, the x-coordinates and y-coordinates change their place. Similarly, when a point is reflected across the line y = -x, the x-coordinates and y-coordinates change their place and are negated. Therefore, The reflection of the point (x, y) across the line y = x is (y, x).
How does this relate to human emotions?
I bet Matt can translate...
Chris Schumaker
Wishram Schools