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      Hello, I'm Ken Weaver and I teach 6-12 Social Studies and Occupational Education.  Between the 6th and 8th grades, I teach Geography for one year and U.S. History for the other on a rotating basis.  For the Geography class, we study the different continents, climates, and the geology of the Earth.  We also study in depth different cultures and the challenges they face around the world.  For 7/8th U.S. History, we cover the early American colonies to the post-Civil War Era.

         9th-grade students take Washington State History for one semester.  We cover the basic geology of the Pacific Northwest, Native American history, European/American exploration and settlement in the West, and the modern development of Washington.  We also cover the structure of the state government.  


         The other semester is a Civics course.  We study the Constitution, the basic structure of our Federal government, including an in-depth look at the three branches, checks and balances, and our Bill of Rights.


         The 11th-grade course is Modern US History.  We begin in the Progressive Era (1890) and go up to modern times, with special emphasis on Imperialism, the World Wars, the Great Depression, the Cold War, Civil Rights, and contemporary political issues.


    Our 12th graders take Current World Problems.  We study modern politics, terrorism, propaganda, and current events among many other topics.


         In addition, I also teach the Occupational Education class for the 11th grade.  Using the Washington Occupational Information Service, students investigate 2-year and 4-year state colleges, technical schools, and many occupations from all areas of their careers.  They additionally take personality/career profiles to assess the right career for them and learn simple job skills.


    If you have any questions about the classes I teach, please feel free to contact me at (509) 748-2551

    Ken Weaver 




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