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  • This weeks sports!

    Posted by Jason Cooper on 12/5/2023

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  • HSBB Canceled 12/1-12/2

    Posted by Jason Cooper on 11/30/2023

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  • Dont miss out this week!!

    Posted by Jason Cooper on 11/27/2023

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  • JHBB today!

    Posted by Jason Cooper on 11/16/2023

    May be an image of basketball and text that says 'BOYS JH BASKETBALL TODAY NOVEMBER 20TH 5:30 COUGARS VS VANDALS'

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  • The Principal Corner: Dec. 4 - Dec. 8

    Posted by Jason Cooper on 12/3/2023

    Oh, the weather outside is frightful. But the fire is so delightful, and since we've no place to go. Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! -Dean Martin

    My version - "Oh, the weather outside is frightful. But the classroom lights are so delightful, and since Shelia is cooking. Let's go to school! Let's go to school! In Wishram!" - Mr. Schumaker
    -Thank you. Tye, for showing our guest from Applo around and setting the stage for increased energy efficiency.
    -Thank you, Yvonne, for giving Wishram the gift of your service and dedication.
    -Thank you, Jai. Your patience and understanding at lunch supervision is amazing.
    -Thank you, Cassandra, for braving the cold and helping to keep recess safe.
    Week in Review:
    Monday- JH Basketball @ Centerville
    Tuesday- HS BB vs. Grand View Catholic
    Thursday- WAGAP Food Truck, JH BB vs. Bickleton
    Friday- HS BB vs C.S. Lewis
    1. Wednesday is a late start. From 8 to 10, Kristen and Brent will lead staff activities for the PLC time. 
    2. I am gone this week. Tye and Brent will take care of Administrative Discipline Matters.
    3. WAGAP Food Truck-First Thursday
    4. The Mental Health Counselor is in on Monday.
    5. There is no staff meeting on Tuesday unless Brent or Tye need to call one.
    6. I have received several comments from staff members concerning Goggle Chat. Our ability to use chat has become a useful tool and allows almost instant communication between all of us. We have incorporated it into almost all of our communication procedures. But even a good thing can have its limits. When you are upset about something and want to communicate with another person through chat, word strokes can be misinterpreted. It is best when you need to communicate your feelings or concerns- do it directly, person to person. That way, communication is straightforward and concise, without (punctuation, boldness, font size, or spelling) getting in the way:)
    CEC5 Norms for learning  
    Classroom norms are evident and result in patterns of interaction that encourage risk-taking, collaboration, and respect for divergent thinking and students’ cultures. Students self-monitor or remind one another of the norms.
    A Little Humor:

    -How does a gingerbread man get around with a broken leg? He uses a candy cane.
    -Why did the Christmas turkey form a band? It had the drumsticks!
    -What do snowmen eat for breakfast on Christmas morning? Ice krispies!
    -What do gingerbread men have on their bed? Cookie sheets!
    -What's red, white, and blue at Christmas? A sad candy cane.
    -The Grinch steals Christmas from Santa, Chuck Norris steals Christmas from the Grinch.

    For that kid in all of us. Our very own Christmas Countdown.

    Chris Schumaker
    Wishram Schools
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