• Tye


          My name is Tye Churchwell. I was born in The Dalles, OR on June 28, 1971 to Donna Churchwell. My dad, Carl Churchwell came into my life when I was 7 years old and it was one of the best things that could have possibly happened. Good thing I had a smart mom who knew to find a killer dad. ☺. I am who I am because of my awesome parents. I also had one of the most amazing grandmas in the world. She is no longer with me, but she was also very influential at making me who I am.

         I went to Wishram School from K-12th grade. Participated in baseball, basketball and track while in School. I graduated high school in 1989. I had my first child, (Aaron Churchwell) April 4, 1990 with my then high school sweetheart who I then Married in January of 1992. I had my second child, (Teaera Churchwell) June 12, 1992. I have been married to my absolutely wonderfully amazing wife (Kandy Churchwell) for 27 years.

         Once I graduated high school I went immediately to work in construction down in Portland area. Many of the structures you see in Portland today that was built in 1989 – 1991, I possibly helped build. I could not encourage my wife to move to the city so I applied for a job at Columbia Aluminum. I was hired at Columbia Aluminum late in 1990. I did many jobs within the Aluminum plant including Cell lines, Production Service and basement crew. I eventually bid on a crane job and became a crane operator. I worked that job until the aluminum industry met its demise in America, at which time I took a voluntary paid lay off to go to college.

         I went to Clark College for 2 years majoring in data networking telecommunications.  During this time I was also the school board chairman for Wishram School. I was on the school board for many years. At one point I was appointed as the school Interim Superintendent. After a few months working within the school I realized where I wanted to be. I wanted to work with kids. During my time as the Interim Superintendent I had the great pleasure of working with Mr. Duane Grams. Mr. Grams taught me how to be a good leader within the education system. At the end of my Interim position I willing and excitedly relinquished the position to Mr. Duane Grams. I was then offered a job as the Director of Operations of the district. This job would entail being in charge of safety, transportation, maintenance and supporting students as the Dean of Students. I was told by the then current board members and the school administration that Wishram School needed me. I’m not sure if the school needed me or I needed the school, but my job at Wishram School has been the most rewarding job one person could ask for. I get to work with and make a difference in kid’s lives.



    Mr. Tye Churchwell