Greetings and Salutations Wishram Families and Friends,

        Wishram School District recognizes that parents are the primary educators of their children in matters of human sexuality. Per Senate Bill 5395, Wishram SD, is required by law, to provide comprehensive sexual health education about human development and reproduction that is age-appropriate and inclusive of all students.  Sexual Health Education is scheduled to take place in November.  For this reason, we urge you to discuss this topic with your child both before and after the instruction at school occurs.  

         Parents have the right to exempt their children from Sexual Health Education.  If we do not receive a signed form back from your child, it will be assumed that they are permitted to attend the Sexual Health Education Instruction.  

         Please call the school, 509-767-6090 and talk to Ms. Ronni or email Mr. Boucher at shannon.boucher@wishramschool.org or return this letter with the information below completed if you would not like your child to participate in Sexual Health Education. 

    _________ I do not want my student to participate in this curriculum.
    Student Name _____________________________________________________
    Parent Name ______________________________________________________
    Parent Signature ___________________________________________________

    Important Information:
    Sexual Health Education Classes will be taught by two instructors and will be separated by

    Females: Nicole Christians, RN, Public Health Nurse, Klickitat County Health Department

                     Nov 6 – Nov 8

    Males: Shannon Boucher, PE Teacher, Wishram High School

                    Nov 6 – Nov 14

         FLASH is a medically accurate, age-appropriate comprehensive sexual health education curriculum.  The goals of the curriculum are to prevent teen pregnancy, STDs, and sexual violence, and to increase family communication about sexual health-related topics such as dating, sex, and abstinence. FLASH builds skills to support young people in remaining abstinent, as well as teaching about other methods of disease and pregnancy prevention.  It promotes respectful communication and builds skills for healthy relationships. FLASH also contains family homework assignments in which students talk with a family member about the topics covered in class via a prescribed.

    Lesson being Covered:
    1: Reproductive System and Pregnancy Lesson
    2: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Lesson
    3: Rules of Dating Lesson
    4: Saying No Lesson
    5: Preventing STDs Lesson
    6: Condoms to Prevent HIV and Other STDs Lesson
    7: Birth Control Methods

         Students receive credit for speaking with an adult but are never required to discuss the content of their conversation. FLASH provides a protocol for teachers when answering student questions about values that includes referring student back to families to learn their specific values.  As a result, students may come home with questions and the values and expectations you have for them regarding these topics.   We hope this will provide a meaningful opportunity for you to talk about these important topics together.  A list of the Middle School and High School FLASH lessons is provided on our website(www.wishramschool.org) for you to preview.  If you have any questions or would like to discuss any information contained within this letter, don't hesitate to contact me.

    Kind regards,

    Chris Schumaker