Welcome to Wishram School's ASB.

    We work hard for our student body to enable them to learn and grow with new experiences through community service and fundraising.  Each class has a different goal in mind that they are working hard to achieve.  Our ASB Officers meet at least once a month-if not more-to discuss up-coming events and fundraisers.

    President--Lulu Riggs

    Vice President--Ethan McConville

    Treasurer--Austin Manzella

    Secretary--Aurura Howell

    6th Grade Representative--Isaiah White

    7th Grade Representative--Anuhea Blodgett

    8th Grade Representative--Amora Castillo

    9th Grade Representative--Elijah Cooper

    10th Grade Representative--

    11th Grade Representative--Malachi Duke

    12th Grade Representative--Quinton Hanson


    Thank you,

    Skye Cooper

    Wishram School ASB Coordinator



  • For more information or to donate, please contact Jason Cooper at 509-767-6090, jason.cooper@wishramschool.org

    Thank you


  • There are no upcoming events to display.