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Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Judy Shinn

2nd/3rd Grade Classroom Teacher


    After graduating from Lewis and Clark College of Education in 1994, I began teaching in the Beaverton School District as a 1st-2nd grade teacher. This was a temporary position due to over-filled classrooms. The next year, I substitute taught in many neighboring communities, including my own of Scappoose, Oregon. In 1996, I was hired by the St. Helen's School District to be the Title 1 Reading Specialist for 1st-5th grades. I continued with SHSD as the HIPPY (Home Instruction Program Preschool Youngsters) Coordinator for 4 years before my final year back in the classroom teaching a Transitional 1st grade.

      In 2002, my husband and I moved to The Dalles and I was hired as the Preschool Kindergarten teacher where I have been ever since.

    I have formed many friendships with parents and families over the years and that has been extremely rewarding. Watching kids grow into young adults, although I feel older and older every year, is another thing I love about my job here.

    In the classroom, you can expect to see children busy at "work" doing various activities from play dough, building Legos or wooden blocks, putting together puzzles, bead stringing, "writing" in their journals, working in the housekeeping area, and many, many other things. I strongly believe children's play is their work. Children are intuitively drawn to the work that they need to work on and, because of this, they are allowed to choose what they do most of the morning. We work on "Grace and Courtesy" in our interactions with one another, learning how to be human beings in our little classroom community. We learn the sounds necessary for reading through Zoo Phonics and the signals that correspond to each letter. I use the Mother Goose curriculum to teach other necessary skills through engaging activities, games, and projects.

    When not teaching, I spend time walking with my 2 dogs, cooking, doing crossword puzzles, or watching movies on Netflix. I have a very small massage practice and teach a few yoga classes, as well. One might say I keep busy.

**Update-I have currently moved on to teaching 2nd and 3rd graders and I must say I still stay busy with these kiddos.  I can't wait to see what life has in store for them!

Mrs. Judy Shinn